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Out from His set-forth purpose, out from the core of His being, God is determined to conform me together with Jesus and Jesus with me, two persons fused together in the same form, as the revelation of the Father to all creation. God is determined to make me just like Jesus, the firstborn among many just like Himself, the first One of our kind. (Romans 8:28b-29 - paraphrased)

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The Purpose of God

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The Kingdom of God

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[These titles are the sessions in the Bible course "Symmorphy III: Kingdom" posted with the most recent first. Since understanding develops point by point, however, I strongly recommend that you begin with Session I: Perspectives and Layout first.]

This website contains the lessons, readings, and some of the assignments from the courses being developed for Christ Revealed Bible Institute. This page is the front portal into a mobile friendly structure that includes lessons and audio. I am making these pages available to all who would freely eat and drink of Christ.

The course titled The Purpose of God is an expansion of the study on The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible, also found on this website. The course is structured on the concept of Motive, Means, and Opportunity, the Why, the How, and the Where of God's purpose inside of creation. Following is a list of some of the first course Sessions with the titles of the Lessons following each Session.

I have come to understand that the Greek Verb invented by Paul and used by him only three times in the human experience, symmorphose, is the most important word in the Bible. As such, it must and will become the most important word in the English language: symmorphy.

Please, take the time to go through each of the Lessons, starting with the first and progressing in order; include reading the supplementary material as well. You can get started by clicking here: The Purpose of God: Session 1.

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