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I Have Found for Myself a Man after My Own Heart - Father God

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What I Believe - 100 declarations of faith

(I hope to change this page to a more specific account)

~~~ What is God? ~~~ What is man? ~~~ What is salvation? ~~~

~~~ What is Heart? ~~~

I desire to understand the answers to these questions out from what God actually says in the New Testament and out from the present revelation of the Holy Spirit. I want to catch a glimpse of this glorious One who says to me that He lives in my heart.

In all of these pages you will find the Lord Jesus Christ as He is glorified in you. I find the Lord Jesus everywhere I look, simply because He is the only One I seek. You will find, in these pages, one path only. It is this:

Jesus, by His Blood, takes us to Father,
this One who fills us with all that He is.

Before Father, we know only Jesus, Blood, and "takes us to." Inside of Father, here inside of Jesus, with the Blood ever sprinkled upon our hearts, we see and know and talk about all things.


May the Lord bless you and keep you through the time of your transformation.

~ Daniel Yordy