Christ Revealed

Welcoming the Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible

From the very beginning,
God determined that I would be just like Jesus.

Abide in Me and I in you.

The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible

By Daniel Yordy

This volume is a short booklet. I use the term "most important" to provoke your heart to seek the revelation of Jesus Christ on your knees before God for yourself.

Part 1
1. From the very beginning, God determined to make me just like Jesus.
2. I am filled with all the fullness of God.
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Part 2
3. The Spirit of God flows out from me as rivers of living water bringing life and joy to all.
4. I cast down every voice that speaks against the Word God speaks, against Christ my only life.

5. Christ is my life; I have no other life.
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Part 3
6. I boldly enter the Holiest, the throne of God – with my heart sprinkled always with Blood, and with my body, flesh of His flesh, washed pure and clean.
7. I exult boastfully in all the victory of Christ revealed in me. I speak Christ; I keep the joy of my confidence high.
8. I love you; I lay down my life for you.
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Part 4
9. I set creation free.
10. Just as Jesus is IN the Father, so I am in Him and He is in me, every part of me in Him and Him in every part of me. I abide in Christ; He abides in me.
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Part 5
- The First Response of Faith: Ask.
- The Foundations of Faith.
- The Second Response of Faith: Speak.

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